Chapter I: The Peddler

by Shaidar Logoth

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Boris von Boris
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Boris von Boris Great atmosphere, icy riffs, nasty vocals, if I didn't know better I'd guess these guys were part of the formidable Quebec black metal scene. This fucking RIPS! Favorite track: Mashiara Shai'tan.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Atmospheric black metal that gets the grimness, production, and overall aesthetic just right. Ideas feel expansive without overstaying their welcome, and the compositions build instead of simply repeating. With all the crap in this genre, I assure you that Shaidar Logoth are ahead of the curve. Check out a review of the follow-up here: Favorite track: Mashadar.
MisandryCannon thumbnail
MisandryCannon Obsidian metal with an occultic feel. Wheel of Time fans rejoice.

TEMPESTUOUSSKIES/10 Favorite track: Mashadar.
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released February 9, 2011

All music by Steve Henningsgard and Adam Clemans
Additional vocals on Ta'maral'ailen by Heath Rave
Additional vocals on Thakan'dar by Jim Adolphson
Recorded by Steve Henningsgard

CD Manufactured and Released by Mordgrimm




Shaidar Logoth Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Mashadar
Beneath a tempestuous obsidian sky | I accept this madness within me | To set myself free | And yet I am filled with violent hatred | For The Light's Only Hope | For The Dark One | They shall both know my wrath | This deadly mist obeys my commands | Like the tentacles of a Leviathan | In the Aryth Ocean | It is my vengeance | The skin boils | Blisters and cysts | Blood like bread crumbs marks my path | Red Below | Blackness Above | Red and Black
Track Name: Ta'maral'ailen
Before I became virtue's bane made flesh | I was made to suffer | To grovel at the feet of your mindless, twisted machinations | Now I can see I was being forged with malefic intent | Driven mad with fear | My terror became my hammer | My weakness turned to means for glorious, bloody retribution | But still, I was not whole | The final stone had not been placed | Until, within the decrepit walls of ancient Aridhol | Where distrust turned to murderous malevolence | I took the manifested, self-destructive force | Within my body | We two became one | The Light's inner darkness and I are one | I am no more human than this steel I hold in my hand | The dagger and I are one | And together, we are immortal.
Track Name: Thakan'dar
O' great master | I am not worthy! | For what honor has brought me here? | I am a worm beneath your feet | Less than dirt beside your blinding perfection | For ever lasting life, I will do this task | I will find He Who Was Reborn.
Track Name: Mashiara Shai'tan
I turned my back on the Creator | For the promise of immortality | And willingly became your creature, your hound to the depths of my soul | I was chosen | To seek the Shepherd, the Wolf, the Raven Prince | Summoned to Shayol Ghul | I walked through Thakan'dar | To the Pit of Doom itself | And basking in your glory | I was rewarded with inconceivable torment | My mind was distilled | I was deceived | For with humanity supplanted by malice so pure, there can be no life eternal | Betrayed by my beloved Dark One | I will skin your Armies of the Night alive | And turn them to my higher purpose | The pattern will rend for my torment, for your deceit | You will hunt me | But your minions will fail | For I am your perfect creation | And your doom incarnate | I was chosen | I was deceived | Within me, there is only Death.